Air ticket Siem Reap to Bangkok

Air ticket from Siem Reap (Cambodia) to Bangkok (Thailand) on Bangkok Airways.

There are 5 flights a day from Siem Reap at: 09:45,  13:15, 15:20, 18:50, 20:30 and return from Bangkok at: 08:00, 11:35, 13:35, 17:00, 18:45. Flights use Airbus A320 jetplane (flying time 40 minutes) and ATR72 Turbopro (flying time 1 hour 10 minutes), serves pastries and mineral water.
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Price US$ 219.00 for one way, US$ 328.00 for round trip.
Ticket is valid for 1 year (one way ticket) or 3 months (round trip ticket) from the first date of departure.

Rebook fee: 20$ per change (one way ticket), 30$ per change (round trip ticket)

No show/Refund fee: 75$ (one way ticket), 75$ (round trip ticket)

This price is valid until 30 MAR 2012. Service charge 5% exclusive

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